Transition Plan

Suggested programme for transfer from primary to secondary school


Year 5:

Summer Term

ü Identify child’s needs in secondary education at annual review

ü Parents begin visiting secondary schools

ü Parents to look at local offer

ü EP priority to attend Y5 annual review

ü SALT to be invited to annual review and priority should be given at Y5

ü CLCI involvement for students with autism spectrum disorder

ü Parents advised to contact SENDIAS for support if needed

ü Parents to contact head teacher/SENCo/DSP Lead Teacher regarding secondary

ü Informal discussion SENCo/DSP Lead Teacher

ü Schools to share open evening dates

Year 6:

Autumn Term

ü Annual review to take place and paper work to be submitted before 31st October

ü Invite prospective secondary schools to statement/EHC plan review

ü Review attended by parents, key professionals and secondary teacher

ü Statement/EHC review to accurately reflect child’s needs for the next phase of education

ü Parental visits to secondary schools

ü Admission form completed indicating reference for secondary school by 31st October

ü Secondary school visit pupil in primary school

ü Parent to take child for visit to school (s) (maximum of 2 if undecided)

Spring Term

ü Secondary placement allocated

ü SENCo’s of primary and secondary schools to begin liaison process and schedule transition meeting/visit dates

ü DSP Lead/SENCo begin liaison

ü Information shared

ü Involve parents in transition meeting

Summer Term

ü Continuing liaison between schools and transfer information

ü Supported visits to secondary school arranged for child, including opportunity to meet with relevant staff

ü Planning the nature and extend of support required as detailed in the child’s statement/EHC plan

ü Initial learning support assistant allocation for transition period confirmed (where appropriate and possible)

ü Transition meetings/training for relevant secondary staff as necessary (autism specific / supporting individual pupil)

ü Schools and family liaison (where appropriate)

ü Ensure under or over preparation is not happening

Year 7

Autumn Term

ü Transfer to secondary school

ü Any training for secondary staff/peer group delivered

ü Meeting with parents, SENCo, form tutor, learning support assistant and relevant professionals (where appropriate) to monitor transition and settling in period

ü Home-school communication begins via diary/email as agreed

Spring/Summer Terms

ü Ongoing communication between home and school as appropriate

ü CLCI/EP support where necessary


ü Arrangements for transition to new staff/Year 8 to ensure consistency of support