Rushey Mead Educational Trust

The Rushey Mead Educational Trust (RMET) is a growing partnership of primary and secondary academies situated in the East Midlands. The Trust draws its educational excellence from the established track record of the high quality education provision of Rushey Mead, the Trust’s sponsor academy, and its partner academies.

The Trust is passionate about education and provides its pupils with exciting, engaging and high quality learning environments, developing its pupils into aspirational, capable and confident young adults and members of the community. It celebrates the diversity and individuality of each academy. RMET is a committed employer keen to provide high quality professional development. It provides its academies access to a world-class education network, excellent school-to-school support and is committed to ensuring that all of our academies will, by working together, make a positive difference.

Carolyn Robson CBE

Chief Executive Officer


For more information about the Trust (e.g. its articles of association, memorandum of association, annual report or audited accounts) please visit

Rushey Mead Educational Trust, Rushey Mead Academy, Melton Road, Leicester, LE4 7AN
0116 268 9739